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Kristin Coccaro Attorney at Law

Former Maui Prosecutor

If you’ve been accused of a crime on Maui, hire the best Maui criminal defense attorney. Because you deserve the highest quality representation possible. Empire Law LLLC is led by Kristin Coccaro, a former Maui Prosecutor with over 23 years of experience as an attorney prosecuting and defending all levels of criminal cases in the State, Federal, and Military justice systems. Not only is Kristin a former Maui Prosecutor, she has also been a New York City Assistant District Attorney and a US Air Force Judge Advocate General (JAG). Don’t delay, get the best Maui Criminal Defense Lawyer possible, Get Kristin Coccaro.

Kristin has decades’ worth of experience practicing law and has worked on over a thousand cases in her career. With an impeccable track record, Kristin is an expert litigator who isn’t afraid to fight for her clients. She understands the local Maui community and is intent on ensuring that every one of her clients receives the highest quality criminal defense. She will expertly and aggressively defend your legal rights.

Maui Criminal Defense Law Firm

Fighting for your rights on Maui and winning

If you have been charged with a crime on Maui, you want us defending you. At Empire Law, we pride ourselves on being experts in criminal law, from police investigations, search and seizures, charging, pre-trial strategy and motions, and trials. We understand the criminal justice system and we will help navigate the often confusing legal system to obtain the best possible outcome from your unique situation.


Felony convictions are serious and can result in prison terms, parole, and probation that often times have devastating lifelong repercussions. Time is critical in felony cases; the sooner you hire an aggressive criminal defense attorney, the better.

Drug Offenses

Drug charges are one of the most common criminal charges in Maui County. Every year hundreds of people are charged and arrested for violating Hawaii’s complex and often confusing drug laws. If you have been accused of possession or distribution of narcotics, you need a Maui Drug offense attorney that is experienced in our State’s laws and someone who will fight like hell to protect your rights.


If you or a loved one have been arrested for DUI, the situation can be very unnerving. Our expert Maui DUI attorney provides all prospective clients with an opportunity to meet with us to answer any questions you might have concerning a recent DUI Arrest.

Contact us today if you or someone you love has been accused of a crime on Maui

Hire the Best Maui Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal accusations are serious with serious consequences if not handled correctly. No matter what you have been accused of, be it a relatively minor charge such as shoplifting or vandalism, or more a severe accusation like drug trafficking or assault, you deserve to have your rights protected. Protect your rights by working with Maui’s best criminal defense lawyer.

Expert Felony Attorney on Maui

Kristin and her skilled team provide tough, aggressive, and effective representation, bringing the full force of their legal expertise to every case. With an impressive background in prosecuting and defending criminal cases in the state, federal, and military justice systems, Kristin has investigated and tried every type of felony criminal case.  Kristin also frequently works with other attorneys across the State (e.g. Michael Green on Oahu) to make sure her client’s are getting the best representation possible.

With extensive experience handling major drug offenses, harassment, domestic violence, property crimes, and all levels of violent crimes, including homicides, there’s no legal situation that Kristin can’t handle. If you’re looking for a seasoned trial attorney who’s not just a skilled negotiator, but also a passionate and aggressive advocate for your rights, Kristin Coccaro is the right choice when choosing your defense lawyer.

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Don’t Talk to the Police


We Represent Those Accused of Crimes on Maui

A criminal charge is stressful without the additional strain of having to find the right legal representation.  At Empire Law, we offer a free initial consultation where we will discuss your situation. Whether you’ve been accused of assault, drug possession, identity theft, or any other crime, we’ll draw on our extensive legal knowledge and expertise to advise you on the best way to proceed. Get an expert Maui Criminal Defense Attorney today!

With our team of Maui legal professionals at your side, you won’t need to handle the stress and anxiety of a criminal accusation on your own. Contact us now — we look forward to helping protect your rights and your future.

Contact us today if you or someone you love has been accused of a crime on Maui

What Our Clients on Maui Have to Say

Not only has Kristin Coccaro and her team at Empire Law successfully represented many clients, but many of these clients are people just like you. Take a moment to read what they have to say about our firm.

Let Empire Law Protect Your Rights

No matter what crime you’ve been charged with, we’re here to represent you in the best and most effective way possible. At Empire Law, we pride ourselves on our expertise in navigating the often confusing legal justice system and helping you to attain the best possible outcome. 

Our team is ready to act as your trusted advisor and legal representation to ensure your rights remain fully protected at every step of the process. No matter what you’re facing, we have most likely dealt with it before — and dealt with it successfully. Why risk your future when you can hire a former Maui prosecutor? Trust the most experienced Maui Criminal Defense Lawyer, Kristin Coccaro.

The Types of Cases We Handle on Maui

a federal prision with barbwire

Maui Felony Attorney

lines of cocaine

Maui Drug Offense Attorney

driving drunk with blurry traffic

Maui DUI Attorney

woman standing by her window

Maui Restraining Order Attorney

woman resting her head on a friends shoulder

Maui Assault & Battery Attorney

woman crying by her bed

Maui Domestic Violence Attorney

hands in cuffs

Maui Misdemeanor Attorney

man behind bars with bird

Maui Parole Attorney

Maui Petty Misdemeanor Attorney

property broken on crime scene

Maui Property Crimes Attorney

police lights

Maui TRO Attorney

Maui Probation Violation Attorney

police officer serving warrant

Maui Warrant Attorney

a pistol clip ammo and a knife on a table

Maui Weapon Offense Attorney

man reading the newspaper

Maui White Collar Attorney

Maui Murder Attorney

Maui Criminal Defense — we’re here to help.

With our skilled team representing you, we’ll make sure you get the chance you deserve to defend yourself against any allegation. We are experts in the criminal justice system and we know how to help steer you through it. With Empire Law at your side, you can rest assured that your case is in good hands.  Empire Law can help clients looking for legal representation pertaining to the following types of cases: murder, kidnapping, robbery, arson, promoting a dangerous drug, assault, theft, burglary, money laundering, theft of property, assault of a police officer, indecent exposure, prostitution/solicitation, computer crimes, conspiracies, gambling, forgery, reckless endangerment, unlawful imprisonment, simple possession, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession with intent to sell, drug distribution/sales, drug manufacturing, drug trafficking, drug cultivation, OUI, ADLRO, DWI, temporary restraining orders, TRO, self defense, abuse, domestic abuse, child abuse, simple assault, DUI, drug possession, shoplifting, driving with open containers of alcohol, domestic violence, vandalism, DLNR violations, perjury, witness tampering, identity theft, parole hearings, parole violations, reckless driving, driving without a license, disorderly conduct, harassment, open container of liquor in a public location, excessive speeding, roadblock & speed trap issues on Maui, probation, warrant of arrest, search warrants, illegal search and seizure, firearm possession, use of a dangerous weapon, bribery, computer and internet fraud, counterfeiting, credit card fraud, embezzlement, environmental law violations, welfare fraud, etc. If you have been accused of one of these crimes mentioned call your personal Maui criminal defense lawyer – Empire Law.

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Kristin Coccaro

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